Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Welcome to A Pin A Day!

Day 1 -- January 1st. 2013
Hello Crafters, DIYers, Cookers, and those that are just trying to avoid bordom.
My name is Kelsy and, like many of you, I am consistently looking for things to do and ways to keep myself busy. Currently I am a student and still trying to figure out what I want to be when I grow up. As a way to pass time, and maybe find something I am passionate about, I have spent hours on sites like Pinterest and have liked or re-pinned dozens if not hundreds of posts in hopes of one day doing it. That day is today, and tomorrow, and the next 364 days! My project for 2013 is to do "A Pin a Day (to) Keep Bordom at Bay"! The point of my blog is to have fun, try new things and maybe  motivate others to get creative as well!

So technically this is day one and for day one I am going to do the DIY Glow stick from Mountain Dew. Here is the original pin I found:

I had forgotten that I re-pinned it and when looking for the recipe again I found pins that claim this project is a hoax. Because I already had everything and planned this as an activity for my nieces and nephew over the Christmas break I decided to do it anyway.

What I did was take a liter of Mountain Dew and split it so 5 empty bottles each had soda in it, I made sure one had 1/4" and one had 1/4 bottle since the recipe was different from pin to pin.

We then added in about a half of soda cap of baking soda and like it said three caps of hydrogen peroxide. Finally I let the kiddos go to town and shake the crap out of the bottles.

Unfortunately this did not work, which was kind of a bummer, but made me feel a whole lot better about my family drinking the left over Mt.Dew.

But my brain would not leave it alone, in the video that I saw (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RCy-ae3OdPE) it appeared to work, so I could not stop wondering how they fooled me! To make this work you can cut open a glow stick and pour the continence in the bottle or you could get glow in the dark paint ball in which the paint ball coating would dissolve in the acidic soda. There are ways to make this magic work for the kids in your life, but I am afraid just Mt. Dew, Peroxide, and baking soda did not. Let me know if you found a way to make it work! You can email me or comment below! Check back tomorrow to see how to make home made finger paint!

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