Saturday, January 5, 2013

Bag Out of Pillowcase!

January 5, 2013 - Day 5
Hey Guys! Happy Saturday!! I thought today's pin would be quick and easy, but I didn't like the way it turned out so I changed the design and it took twice as long because essentially I made two bags. Anyway here is the original pin:
Seems easy enough and it was! Here is what I did.
I took two pillow cases, so I could have a lining in the bag.
 I cut the longer case so they were the same length.

 I used rulers and chalk to mark where I wanted to cut for the handle.

 Then I cut along the lines through both cases, if you are smart(er than me) You should pin the cases together so they do not shift.
 Then I folded the outside layer over the lining layer about a 1/4-1/2 inch and sewed around the whole bag.
 And this was my final bag. Like I mentioned earlier, I did not like this bag, it looks cute and all but when you wear it on your shoulder the bag opens funny, it is hard to explain but it was not my style, so back to the sewing machine!

 I cut the top most straight line that I could (I love using my roatery cutter instead of scissors, if you don't have one I suggest you get one!! Walmart or online would be your best and cheapest bets)

Fold the top down about 1/2 inch and sew around the rim of the new bag, this was much easier than the first one as it is a straight line and it came our much prettier!

 Next take a piece of scrap fabric, I used the extra from when I trimmed the case down to size in the first step, You can use the handle from the first one, or any fabric, maybe even a cloth belt!?
 I made the scrap into a large tube by folding the fabric in half, inside out, and sewing it, then I turned it on itself so the right side was out.

 Then all that was left was to attach the handle to the bag, so I folded about 1 inch of fabric tube back in on itself (shown above) and sewed the strap to the bag and repeated on the other side as well. Now I love the way the bag sets on my hip when I am carrying it.
If you want to add buttons, a flap or pockets it wouldn't be too hard. Let me know if you would like suggestions, otherwise here is my new bag that I made from pillow cases!! I really like it, though I think I will add a flap for more security!

Let me know what you think!! or Comment below!
P.S Tomorrow since I already have my sewing machine out I think we will attempt this:

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