Saturday, January 19, 2013

DIY Dry Erase Board

January 19, 2013 -- Day 19
Hey guys, 
A quick post from me today. I am going to replicate this pin:
Simple to make and would make a perfect addition to any room!

First pick a frame, you can use one you already have and do not use or you can go find one you like. 
If you want to you can decorate the frame by painting it or adding embellishments, maybe I will cover an option tomorrow.

After your frame is ready, simply pick out a piece of fabric that matches the room you are putting the board in. Cut the Fabric to the size of the frame and put it in the frame, and close the frame like you normally would. If you are having trouble getting the fabric to line up right (like if the fabric has stripes) you can glue the fabric to the cardboard back of the frame.

Once frame is together you can use any dry erase marker on it. You can use wet erase but this can cause water to get caught in the frame and can ruin it.

Once again my computer does not want to read my card, so I will post pictures later!


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