Saturday, January 12, 2013

Painted Mason Jar

January 12, 2013 -- Day 12
Hey Guys!
I will be honest with you, I am gonna kinda cheat today. This is a craft I did around Thanksgiving when my husband was painting our house. It is simply a mason jar with paint. It is very self explanatory but I will go through the steps just in case.
First take a mason jar, any size will work. Take the lid off and choose your color. I chose the main color that we used in the living room which was also the accent color in the kitchen, as this was going to go in my kitchen.

 Next, pour about 2 tbsp (give or take depending on the size of the jar) of paint into the jar, and roll the jar around in your hands until the pain is covering the entire inside of the jar. As the paint dries the paint may settle from some parts of the jar, so you will want to roll the jar a couple times as it dries, or wait till it dries completely and do a second coat.

 Let the paint dry and your done! Use the jar to hold utensils, silk flowers, or just as a piece of decoration (that's what I do). I also used latex paint so I am pretty sure that if I ever want to change the color I can just peel the paint.

This is not a particularly fun craft, but it is easy and adds a pop of color where it is needed.
Let me know what you think!
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