Monday, January 14, 2013

Life hack Monday #2!

January 14, 2013 - Day 14
Hey Guys,
Today is Monday, and to make your Monday a little easier here is this weeks life hack. Not sure what a life hack is, check out last weeks hack. Today's hack is inspired from this pin:

genius right!! I have also seen this style shoe organizer be used for cleaning products, yarn, small toys... the sky is the limit! The hack I want to show you is something that I thought up all my own years ago. I live in a modular house, the only thing this means is there is no storage room at all!! (ok, maybe a little, but not much!) But to get great deals I do like to buy some things at my local big box store. Toilet paper and Paper towels are my favorite things to get there because they are good quality and good prices. The problem is where do you store that much paper towel or toilet paper?? 

And here is my hack for you!

 By using a vertical shoe organizer and filling it up with paper towel, toilet paper also fits, you can keep your shelve clear for other things. What I do is hang it just far enough from the wall that I can fit the packs of TP stacked beside it, the paper towel keeps the tp from falling. Using the vertical space in closets is a way to maximize the usefulness of the closet and cuts back on the clutter. This can also be used for bath towels, clothes, shoes (of course), and anything else you can think of! These organizers can hold more weight then you may thing, just be careful not to over load them. I had one that had 12x12 cubbies and stored scrapbooking paper and binders. It worked for about a year then it broke in half, made a mess and scared me half to death when it went. 

A bonus hack for ya, (as seen in the first picture of my closet) use pant hangers to hang your bags and stuff, it keeps the floor and shelves of you closet clear for other things. I also use climbing hooks(see below) to hang backpacks and other things that hangers do not work well for. I have wire shelves so I can usually hang several bags next to and in-front of each other, just make sure the bigger and longer bags go in back and the smaller ones in front, that way you can see everything you have.

My last tip for closets is while bins and stuff are great for keeping things looking clutter free, keep to smaller boxes and bins, because bigger bins just because collect all's and do not stay organized as well as small ones do, and make sure to label them. The fastest way for your family to undo your hard work is if they don't know where something is and they dig through everything to find it!

Well that does it for today! Come back tomorrow! 
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P.S. What is your favorite organization tip or hack?

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