Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Throwback Throw-Pillow

January 15, 2013 -- Day 15
Hey Guys,

Today I am going to recycle another shirt. This is a great idea for shirts that you do not want to throw away for one reason or another. I am going to make a throw pillow out of my husbands old Beatles shirt.

**Update: apparently I forgot to hit publish yesterday. Sorry!**

What I used: a shirt, a rotary cutter, quilting square, pins, an old pillow, and my sewing machine.
First thing I did was I marked with the square and chalk where I wanted to cut:

I then cut it out and flippped the front so it was 'inside out'.

I pinned the sides together...

The I sewed three of the four sides all the way, and 2/3rds of the fourth side.

I turned the fabric right side out, so the picture was again on the outside. 

I took an old pillow, cut it open and started to pull apart the stuffing.

Make sure the stuffing is nice and fluffy, or it will make a lumpy pillow.

Stuff you pillow till it is the thickness your desire. Remember that pillows flatten so you may want to add a little extra for wear.

Here is the tricky part. Take the section that is not sewn and fold it in on itself. If you know how to do an invisible stitch do so now, other wise pin the pillow shut and sew. I like to start at the corner and go about an inch past the opening.

And your done. Your favorite t-shirt is preserved!!

I will be pairing this tee with about 9 other ones that my husband has worn out or out grew that I am turning into a quilt. I will post pictures when I get to that.


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